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*August 20, 2020

Dear Friends,

As I look back at the last few months, I find myself reflecting on a variety of issues and emotions. I am amazed by our ability to stay connected while staying apart. Whether it is: a Zoom chat or another form of video conferencing, virtual programming, virtual graduations, sending an email, teleconferencing, or simply calling a friend… technology has facilitated the connection. Technological advancements not only move our society forward, we have come to rely upon them as a way of life. How many times have we panicked when we could not locate our mobile phones? We depend on our devices to navigate our daily lives.

All these communications are enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The advances made possible by AI in healthcare alone are truly remarkable. AI is used to train computers to think like humans. What about the most powerful, yet complex, human emotion on earth, LOVE?

Maybe computers can and will one day replicate love, feel love and be designed to fall in love. Today, the conventional wisdom seems to be computers deal in logic, not feelings. But there appears to be some debate. For now, we must rely on human, person-to-person interactions to change our behaviors and hearts; thus, transform our communities and the world.

Let’s start a movement - let our human feelings of LOVE be our north star and guide all of our interactions.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that… Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please stay safe and love each other.

Warmest regards,
Demetries J. Neely

*July 28, 2020

We understand the King Arts Complex's importance in our community and the historical and cultural significance of our institution. We have been receiving questions about a Facebook post which states we are for sale. Please know we are not being sold and we are not going out of business!

While we exercised our right to exit the lease of the Pythian building in 2019, our offices remain in the Garfield building which is immediately adjacent to it. We remain in the neighborhood and continue to offer a robust program of educational and cultural opportunities for the people of Columbus.

It’s also important to stress that our office move was a business decision that considers our obligation to be good stewards of the generous donations we receive. As we have done throughout our history, we will continue to make fiscally responsible decisions that allow us to fulfill our mission: to connect community through the arts.

*July 24, 2020

A Message From Our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

WE ARE OPEN… just operating differently because your safety is our number one priority!

As a community leader, in the middle of a global, economic, social and health crisis, we are continuing to serve you in a variety of ways:

Summer Camp
Armed with tablets and wifi connections supplied by The King Arts Complex, our summer campers spent six MAGNIFICENT weeks participating in STEAM activities, inclusive of literary, dance, visual and theatrical arts. Our Virtual Summer Camp ends today.

HeART of Protest
Convened by the King Arts Complex, the HeART of Protest, a 46 non-sequential day arts protest, running Juneteenth to Election Day, is led by young professional artists. They will demonstrate arts protests in response to the death of Mr. George Floyd and other victims of police brutality. Programming will be virtual with limited on-site performances.

Heritage Music Festival
Scheduled to begin in August, the Festival will be virtual. We must do our part to slow community spread of COVID-19. Thus, in alignment with governmental guidelines, we will present the HMF in a virtual format. More to come!

First Tuesday Tea
Held the first Tuesday of each month, First Tuesday Tea, a program for seniors, resumed in May, digitally.

Dedicated to developing our community garden, KAC students and volunteers, are actively planting for you!

Suspended until further notice. We have taken this action out of an abundance of precaution with concerns about community spread and contact tracing.

KAC face lift
Scheduled to commence in just three short weeks, a $1.5 million construction project, inclusive of renovations to the Nicholson Auditorium and beautiful murals painted by local artists, will upgrade the look and feel of our campus.

We stand with you as a strong, vibrant community resource! We look forward to the day we return to on-site rentals and multiple programming where our community can come together and enjoy our rich culture and heritage.

In the meantime, please be well and stay safe.

Warmest regards,

Demetries Neely
Executive Director

*March 24, 2020

The King Arts Complex is temporarily closed to the public due to COVID-19

The well-being of our community is a primary concern of the King Arts Complex Staff and Board.  Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our working hours have been altered and responses will be delayed.

The King Arts Complex takes the threat of COVID-19 very serious.  Effective March 26, we are temporarily closing to the public under Governor Mike DeWine’s Stay at Home Order.  Our staff will work remotely to continue our efforts to connect Community to the Arts.

Here are some other ways to connect with us during this time:

The King Arts Complex is closely monitoring local, state and federal government recommendations to determine when we will resume normal operations. Until then, we look forward to continuing to entertain and educate you via one of these alternate channels.

Thank you,
The King Arts Complex

*March 11, 2020

The health and safety of visitors are a primary concern of the King Arts Complex Staff and Board. Due to the uncertainties over Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact, the King Arts Complex has postponed all events in March 2020 until further notice. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced an order that bans mass gatherings of more than 10 people in a single room.

We will continue to provide updates about our hours of operation and future scheduled events as the situation evolves. The King Arts Complex understands the enormous challenges that face our community and world stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic and we take it very seriously.

We ask that you and your loved ones take the necessary precautions to limit the spread of the virus.

For more information and to track progress of coronavirus, please visit: ·

  • Columbus Public Health

  • Ohio Department of Public Health

Thank you,
The King Arts Complex

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