Our Mission

The Martin Luther King Jr. Performing and Cultural Arts Complex connects community through the arts.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent culture and arts institution in Ohio preserving, producing, and presenting the cultural expressions of African Americans.

Our Programs

We engage central Ohio through performing, cultural and educational programs of high artistic merit that increase and disseminate knowledge regarding the vast and significant contributions of African-Americans to the culture and history of America and the world.

Our History

Opened in March 1987, The King Arts Complex is located on the near East side of Columbus, Ohio, in one of the oldest areas of African-American life in the city. Serving as a major anchor for development in the King-Lincoln District, The King Arts Complex is an oasis for cultural and educational activities as well as community facility for special events.

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Our Team

Demetries J. Neely

Executive Director

Linda Broadnax

Executive Assistant
tel. (614) 645-0635

Gamal Brown

Cultural Arts Director
tel. (614) 645-0676

Jevon Collins

Performing Arts Director
tel. (614) 645-0643

Darla Reid

Facilities Director
tel. (614) 645-0628

Devin Cooper

Youth Director
tel. (614) 645-0627

Hellen Corder

Front Desk Receptionist
tel. (614) 645-0674

Kenneth Eaddy

Education Arts Administrator

tel. (614) 645-0627

Lyn Logan-Grimes

Exhibition Curator

Alice Lyles

Finance Associate
tel. (614) 645-0641

Betty Upchurch

Volunteer Coordinator

Terry Gilliam

Staff Photographer

Marla Burks

Facility Attendant

Job Clarkson

Film Consultant

Scot Lacy

Lighting Technician

Dwight Steward

Sound Technician

Devearn Winbush

Sound Technician

Brandon Ward

Security Attendant

Denise Nembhard

Human Resources

Otis Davenport Trio

In-House Band

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