36th Anniversary Gala

Education Changes the Trajectory of Lives

Honoring Dr. David Harrison - President 

Columbus State Community College  

Friday, May 19, 2023

36th Anniversary Gala Co Chairs


Molly and Cameron Mitchell

(Honorary Co Chairs)


Dara Pizzuti and Richard Jolly


Benita and Lewis Smoot, Jr.*


Committee Members

Jane Grote Abell and Tom Krouse

George Barrett

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty*

Heather and Frederic Bertley

Jeri Block and Bobby Schottenstein

Yvette McGee Brown and Tony Brown

Alycia Broz

Janelle and Michael B. Coleman

Amy and Josh Corna*

Mindy and Mark Corna

Tanny Crane and John Wolff

Asia and Dwain Davis

Lynnda Maria Davis

Lisa and Jeff Edwards

Melissa Gilliam and Bill Grobman

Joy and Michael Gonsiorowski

Jasmine and Reuben Green

Bonita and Archie Griffin*

Mia and Dr. Kevin Hairston

Francie and Jim Henry*

Cindy and Larry Hilsheimer

Donna and Larry James

Olivia B. Johnson

Erika and Ramon Jones

Linda and Frank Kass

Rosella and Clark Kellogg

Jen and Darrell Kemp

Mary and Bob Kidder

Gale V. King

Mary K. Lazarus

Jennifer Massanova and Lewis Von Thaer

Terri and Steve Meldrum

Mo and David Meuse*

Kittrella Mikell*

Marlene and David Miller

Dan Moncrief III

Elaine and Curt Moody

Amy and Ram Rajadhyaksha

Dr. Melissa Shivers

Renee and Alex Shumate

Cindy and Jim Smith

Sheila and Gene Smith*

Cheryl and Charles Snyder

Joy and Bruce Soll

Jacqueline and Dean Taylor

Susan Tomasky and Ron Ungvarsky

Joan and David Trautman

The Ulman Family

The Robert Weiler Family

Arlene and Michael Weiss


As of May 1, 2023
*Denotes Extra Gift

36th Anniversary Gala Sponsors

36th Anniversary Gala Entertainment 


Starlit Ways

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Formed in 2014, Starlit Ways is an acoustic duo made of singer/songwriters Rose
Nkechi Onyeneho (originally from West Africa, specifically Gabon and Nigeria)
and Chris Glover, native of Columbus, Ohio. The duo performs an eclectic range
of music from originals, jazz age classics, and modern tunes from a diverse range
of genres. Rose's truly gifted vocals combined with Chris' guitar abilities and
harmonies create a unique sound that reflects their talents and passion for music.

The Otis Davenport Trio

7:00 PM - 7:30 PM

8:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Otis Davenport is a jazz pianist who has been performing professionally for nearly
45 years. He performed with legendary Columbus saxophonist Gene Walker as a
young man at My Brother’s Place, which was located on Long and Garfield, down
the street from the King Arts Complex. Other artists Otis has performed with
include Charlie Cook, Mel Stewart and Vince Andrews. He is pleased with his
experience as a jazz pianist based in Columbus. He continues to perform solo, with
the Otis Davenport Trio and the group Positive Energy.

The Deal Breakers 

9 PM - 11 PM

A band that features the collective mind of Columbus’ finest and globally cultural
musicians currently on the scene. With a limitless range of musicianship, The Deal
Breakers will take you on a Go-Go Soul and funk-inspired personal party that you
won’t be able to get out of your mind.

New to Go-Go? Inside its grooves, go-go contains multitudes: the smoothness and
sexiness of soul and jazz; the slap-bass of funk; the powerful rhythm of R&B; the
call-and-response of gospel. It is a music of celebration and participation, as go-go
truly thrives with a crowd dancing to the groove and responding to the singer’s

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