36th Anniversary Gala

Friday, May 19, 2023

The Fives Columbus

6:30 PM


This year’s Gala will be held at The Fives at The Reach on Goodale on Friday, May 19th at 6:30 PM. We will celebrate our honoree who is a shining example of engaged experienced and innovative educational leadership.  Dr. Harrison is focused on student outcomes and equity. Columbus State leads the region in expanding access to affordable college degrees through innovative university partnerships and alignment with high school partners.

Since his appointment in 2010, Columbus State has developed deep partnerships with universities to open access to affordable bachelor’s degrees through innovative 2+2 and 3+1 pathways; expanded access to postsecondary opportunities to high school students and developed creative partnerships with employers to address regional workforce needs. One shining example of creative partnerships is The Columbus Promise, providing Columbus City School seniors an opportunity to attend college tuition free and graduate debt-free!

The Anniversary Gala is the spring event to attend in Columbus. The Gala is a fundraiser and party with a purpose to support youth programs and performances. All proceeds from the evening will support The King Arts Complex in its mission to provide our community with artistic programming that challenges and inspires. We honor select community figures and provide guests with an unforgettable evening of entertainment. 


Molly and Cameron Mitchell


Co Chairs

Dara Pizzuti and Richard Jolly


Committee Members 


Benita and Lewis Smoot, Jr.*

George Barrett

Congresswoman Joyce Beatty*

Heather and Frederic Bertley

Jeri Block and Bobby Schottenstein

Yvette McGee Brown and Tony Brown

Alycia Broz

Janelle and Michael B. Coleman

Amy and Josh Corna*

Mindy and Mark Corna

Tanny Crane and John Wolff

Asia and Dwain Davis

Lynnda Maria Davis

Lisa and Jeff Edwards

Melissa Gilliam and Bill Grobman

Joy and Michael Gonsiorowski

Jasmine and Reuben Green

Jane Grote and Tom Krouse

Mia and Dr. Kevin Hairston

Francie and Jim Henry*

Cindy and Larry Hilsheimer

Donna and Larry James

Linda and Frank Kass

Rosella and Clark Kellogg

Jen and Darrell Kemp

Mary and Bob Kidder

Gale V King

Mary K. Lazarus

Jennifer Massanova and Lewis Von Thaer

Terri Meldrum

Mo and David Meuse*

Kittrella Mikell

Marlene and David Miller

Dan Moncrief III

Elaine and Curt Moody

Amy and Ram Rajadhyaksha

Melissa Shivers

Renee and Alex Shumate

Sheila and Gene Smith*

Cheryl and Charles Snyder

Joy and Bruce Soll

Jacqueline and Dean Taylor

Susan Tomasky and Ron Ungvarsky

Joan and David Trautman

The Ulman Family

The Robert Weiler Family

Arlene and Michael Weiss


As of March 21, 2023
*Denotes Extra Gift

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