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As a nonprofit organization, we depend on supporters like you to make community events such as the HeART of Protest, First Tuesday Tea, the Heritage Music Festival, and more possible.

Since 2020, your generosity has been more important than ever. Please consider helping us in our mission to connect community through the arts by becoming a member of The King Arts Complex!

From now until December 2023, when you become a King Arts Complex member at the $100 level, you won’t be just supporting arts in our community—you will be gaining access to a host of great benefits.

Discounts for performances and on our online marketplace

Waived youth programming registration fees for a year

Waived Heritage Music Festival merchant vendor fee for an entire summer

Your name featured on the King Arts Complex's website for a year

Our first five memberships will receive our HeART of Protest Book!

The next five memberships will receive a free photo restoration!

$100 Club Members

Doncella Alexander 

Shelby Banton 

Alison Barret 

Shelly Biggs 

Christie Beckwith 

Carrie P. Boston 

Peggy Broadnax 

E. Brooks 

Catherine Cain 

Doris Calloway 

Colleen Cebulla 

Jessica Cockrell 

Laura Colbert 

Linda Coles 

Robert Coles III 

Eileen Crenshaw 

Britt Dahlstrom 

Michael and Tracy Davis 

Lucia Dunn 

Tracy Enders 

Jennifer Farmer 

Betsey and Robert Farquhar-Bradish 

Shellee Fisher 

Karen Foster 

Shawna Gibbs 

Ron Green 

Louisa Green 

Angela Harper 

Teashana Hayes 

Alan Hill 

Amy Alexander Hookway

Juana Hostin 

Melvin C. Hoston 

Natalie James 



Terri Jamison 

Olivia Johnson 

Gloria W. Jones 

Marla Jones 

Albert Kirk 

Sandra Lockhart 

Cheryl Logan 

Evelyn Lckey 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lurie 

Mary Manning 

Taryn Massey 

Christina McIntyre 

Christina McLemore 

G.L. Miller 

Beverly Moss 

Allan Oster 

Jae Denson James and Valerie Pearson 

Brenda Penn

Lisbeth Sanders

Tyler Schleich 

Toni Watson Schoolfield 

Alexa Daniel Shephard 

Mark Skinner 

Renee and Dwight Smith 

Sheila and Gene Smith

Cheryl Snyder 

Dr. Barbara Spencer Ayers 

Othelda Spencer 

James Tracy 

Linda Vinson 

Valencia P. Walker 

Marcia Waller-Preston 

Sylvia Watson 

Janice G. White 

Linda Woggon  

As of August 23, 2023

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