King Kids!

The KAC Summer Arts Camp

Summer arts Camp is an 8 week, day long program that will be theme around The Black Arts Movement. Black Aesthetics Movement or BAM was the name given to a group of black poets, artists, dramatists, musicians, and writers who emerged in the wake of the Black Power Movement. BAM called for the creation of poetry, novels, visual arts, and theater to reflect pride in black history and culture. Participants of the Summer Arts Camp will be exposed to the artists and art forms of this era.

Stay tuned for more information about KAC 2016 Summer Arts Camp!

BAM! Black Arts Movement

When: June 12, 2017 -August 4, 2017

9am-3pm (before and aftercare available for a fee)

Ages: 5-13

Registration Fee $20

Cost: $100/week

We are available to answer your questions and listen to your needs.

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