Pythian Theater

Whether you’re booking a public performance or planning a private ceremony, seat your guests in one of the most elegant, intimate auditoriums in the city of Columbus. Our 444-seat theater sounds as good as it looks. Carefully renovated to preserve the architectural integrity of the old Pythian Theater, this historic landmark offers superior acoustics, well appointed dressing rooms, and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment. It’s an ideal venue for recitals, weddings, graduation and awards ceremonies, lectures or seminars.


Seating: 444

Rental Rates

Tuesday through Sunday: $215.00 an hour

Additional Fees Required

Facility Attendant(s): $45.00 an hour each (# determined by space usage)
Security Officer(s): $45.00 an hour each (# determined by space usage)
Facility Usage Fee: $100.00 Flat Rate
Technical Operator: $45.00 an hour (if needed)
Lighting Technician: $45.00 an hour (if needed)
Bartender: $100.00 Flat Rate(if needed)
Setup/Tear Down: $100.00

Additional Rental Items (cost per day)

Grand Piano: $180.00 per day
Microphones: $25.00 each
Cordless Microphone: $110.00 each
Tablecloths: $18.00 each
Podium: No Charge
Digital Projector: $195.00
Marley Floor: $250.oo (requires 2 weeks notice)
Green Dressing Room: $150.00 per hour
Blue Dressing Room: $150.00 per hour

Please call 614.645.5464 for more information.


Which space are you primarily interested in for your event?