Youth Arts Programs

Offering youth arts education inclusive of an eight-week summer arts camp, and annual spring and winter academies.

Legends and Legacies Award

Paying tribute to individuals who have shown a commitment to freedom through social justice, artistic excellence, and service

Heritage Music Festival

Celebrating the Mount Vernon corridor's proud musical legacy each summer with a free concert

MLK: 50 Years Later

Honoring the life and enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years after his untimely death

Annual Gala

Partying with a purpose to celebrate The King Arts Complex and our incredible partners in the community

First Tuesday Tea

Creating hands-on opportunities for seniors to explore dance, music, books, news from the community, and so much more

Aminah Robinson Family Day

Remembering one of Columbus' greatest artists with a day of music and artistic celebration

MLK Day Open House

Hosting friends and family for a day of live musical and theater performances, films and videos, and hands-on studio art activities