Love Yourself: Health and Happiness Workshop

Enjoy creative and innovative methods to encourage your family to be healthy and happy.  Participants will enjoy visual, performing and culinary experiences including healthy food demonstration.  Workshops include wholistic healthy life choices, therapeutic self-esteem practices and will be facilitated by Health Educator, LeRoyna Edwards.

Class 1 of Love Yourself: Health and Happiness Workshop will consist of Movements, Mudras & Meditations that create inspiration and joy. Movements will consists of yoga & tai qi. Mudras are hand gestures and positions that influence the energies of the body and your mood. Meditation may be used to cultivate a particular mental response to various phenomena such as compassion and joy.  Participants should bring a yoga mat and any tools they prefer to modify yoga such as straps, blocks, pillow and or a blanket.

Ages:  Intergenerational (family)

Cost $20 per Family (Up to 5 members)

Preregistration is required.

Contact 614.645.5464 or for more information.