The King Arts Complex can offer students a unique working and learning experience that can contribute to their professional development.

The King Arts Complex internship program has been designed to offer students a comprehensive practical experience in marketing and communications. Our objective is to assist interns by introducing them to the real world of work in marketing and communications.

Interning with The King Arts Complex, you will get a well-round exposure to every aspects of non-profit administration. The King Arts Complex can customize your internship experience based on YOUR career goals and interests!

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The Supervisor will produce a schedule of assigned projects for the intern.
Assignments are based on the Intern’s strengths, growth areas and interest. Areas assigned
may include the following:

  • Administration
  • Fiscal
  • Marketing
  • Programming
  • Development/Fundraising
  • Facility Management/Maintenance
  • Education
  • Cultural Arts
Marketing Internship

Interns will be exposed to media production, social media promotion, radio and TV script writing, public relations planning and marketing and communications strategy including brand building.

Marketing Intern Responsibilities:
• Become exposed to all areas of The King Arts Complex including programming, facility management, administration, marketing, membership, development, and any other areas of special interests.
• Attend all KAC staff and assigned meetings request by Intern Supervisor.
• Complete specific short-term projects assigned by Intern Supervisor.
• Complete all reports and other specifications required by the university/school. Submit copies of all reports to the Intern Supervisor for review before sending them to university/school.
• Demonstrate initiative and creativity. Make constructive suggestions or proposals.
• Maintain a weekly log of hours during internship.

Please contact Mark Cardwell, Marketing Director at 614.645.0636

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