The Human Heart: Pen and Ink Renderings by Talle Bamazi

  • Start: February 8, 2018 12:00 am
  • End: April 7, 2018 12:00 am

Mount Vernon Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, United States
Tickets Available: Price: $Free Admission

International artist, Talle Bamazi, uses his unique pen and ink rendering to examine the emotions we mask during our everyday routines and lives. Project support for The Human Heart: Pen and Ink Renderings by Talle Bamazi comes from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Artist’s Statement

Human Hearts is a series of ink on paper drawings, I commonly use accessible materials to make an artistic statement about the core of identity, the “masks” shown to the world, and the strength of the human connection.

Through my life, I’ve been searching for light, love, truth and my purpose. What’s my path? Before I was Kabye, before I was Togolese, before I was an American citizen, I was Bamazi Talle. It’s about humanity. Before any identity, we’re human. We’re all born with an energy that connects us to all people.

The core of human identity is found in the heart which reveals the most essential element of human existence. The ability to feel is the foundation of life. The heart projects the definitive self. However, the heart is often disguised because people mask their truths. I want people to heal their hearts and be free to share their true selves.

I chose to use pen and ink on paper to create the work in Human Hearts. Fine art can be created with the most common materials, Human Hearts illustrates this ideal. Each drawing was birthed using an ink pen on paper acquired at no cost. Many of the ink pens were collected during visits to the bank. These pens serve as vessels of energy regarding progress, wealth, prosperity as much as anger, depression, and fear. This practical reality and the emotions present in this common space is connected to human existence.

Each work contains images of two hearts, a mask and symbols in addition to unique, artistic elements. The hearts are obscure. The symbols represent a particle wave of identity, love, birth, and prosperity.