Dr. Drake – Legends & Legacies 2016

Dr. Drake – Legends & Legacies 2016

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The King Arts Complex has a long history of celebrating art and culture, especially when it comes to the African American community. There is a focus in this building of remembering the past, rejoicing in the present, and nurturing the future. From summer camp programs for children, to national theatre performances by groups like Nia Performing Arts, to highly lauded gallery shows covering controversial contemporary topics, the King Arts Complex always strives to remember this goal and keep a steady focus on the future. One of the ways we do this is through our Legends & Legacies program.

This year marks the 10th annual Legends & Legacies celebration for the King Arts Complex. And every year, a new person (or persons) is selected to be honored. They are honored for their commitment to equality, their efforts toward a better tomorrow, and the strong voice that they offer as a leader (or leaders) for our community. More specifically, Legends and Legacies recognizes the rich and diverse contributions of Americans by paying tribute to local, regional, and national individuals that have shown their commitment to human rights, cultural democracy, artistic excellence, and service. Their actions have influenced and impacted their community, city, state, and/or nation though philanthropy, commitment to community, service, leadership, preservation, creativity, and vision.

This year, our honorees are the amazing Dr. Michael V. Drake and Brenda Drake, President and First Lady of The Ohio State University. Dr. Drake is the 15th President to serve the university and the first African-American. As of 2015, according to the Washington Post, there were fewer than 72 of over 3,040 universities that are led by black presidents. Mrs. Drake spent the first part of her career as a lawyer and now serves Ohio State through advocacy and engagement on campus. While Dr. Drake has been privately acknowledged through the university, this will be the first time the public has been given a chance to celebrate his accomplishments.

We invite you to join the King Arts Complex is celebrating this amazing power couple, and learn more about their lives right here in our historic Pythian Theatre on October 12, 2016, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. You can purchase tickets online now or at the door the night of the event. In the meantime, help us honor this couple by letting us know how they have impacted your life or inspired you. You can share your stories on our facebook page or tag us in your tweet. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!