Creative Women of Color: Journeys

Creative Women of Color | Journeys Gallery Opening

Creative Women of Color (CWoC) is a collective of mostly African American female artists “whose mission is to educate, encourage, inspire and provide a creative connection with the community for the purpose of advancing the arts.” Their members “[view] art as a powerful social force; a form of expression that has always been part of the structure of [their] culture. As African American Woman, [their] art is influenced by [their] heritage and cultural traditions. CWoC represents a broad and diverse range of artistic talent” (CWoC’s website).

Last night saw the opening of the Creative Women of Color’s show entitled Journeys: Artistic Expressions of Progress and Movement. The show focuses on the journeys that we take in our lives; physically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. There were roughly 75 people in attendance and it was a hit. People loved the flow of the pieces, the energy in the room, and the adorable little sandwiches that greeted them on their way in.

Feedback about the show:

“This show is so beautiful.”
“When I saw the pictures Lyn posted on Facebook, I knew I had to come see it for myself. It’s fantastic.”
“I haven’t heard one negative thing about this show. Everyone left saying how much they loved it.”
“The Creative Women of Color have been here before but this show is particularly strong. All of the work just works so well together.”

If you weren’t out at The King Arts Complex last night, you missed out on an amazing gallery opening. (The work is so moving that a piece was sold before the opening even happened, which is practically unheard of.) Luckily for you, we have lots of pictures to share and even a little video to make you feel a little less left out. And there’s more good news; you can still see the show. This show is up from now until November 15, 2014. Stop during our gallery hours and see it for yourself!

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