Creative Women of Color Artist Talk

The Creative Women of Color Artist Talk

Last Thursday, some of the Women from Creative Women of Color joined us to talk a little but about their art and what the title of the show – Journeys – meant to each of them.

The women also had a few things to add when it came to their process.

“Part of that cleaning process is that I unearth projects that I put aside.”-Lisa
“I have a lot of unfinished projects but I can always go back to them. It could be four years.”-Barbara
“When do you know the work is finished?”-Janet
“When it says so”-Barbara
“Sometimes that last little bit is just too much?”-Janet
“Yeah sometimes you leave it alone even when you think something’s missing. So that way you don’t overwork it. You just leave it alone.”-Lynee
“I can’t start painting until it tells me what it wants to be.”-Barbara
“It’ll tell you when it’s not right.”-Lynee
“The work will demand that you follow where it wants to go.”-Barbara
“You have to learn how to trust the process. You can’t fight it. You have to trust yourself. You inherently know but you have to learn to listen.”-Barbara

“Who/what has been your biggest influence?” – Janet
“When we were growing up, we didn’t see a lot of black art. And I have a problem with calling it black art cause art is art. But just to see images of black families and faces… That made a huge impact on me.”-Lynee
“Nature, which comes from God. Aminah robinson [was a big influence]. Billy engram was my fashion professor at CCAD. She was the only professor that gave me any positive feedback. She kept telling me I was a fine artist which I didn’t want to hear, but I am.” -Gaye
“I was really first introduced to art in Junior high. Now it’s energy and color [that influence me], they just sort of stimulate something in me” – Barbara

“So what’s next?” – Janet
“Someone messaged me on facebook and something I’m going to be able to do is coverup tattoos for former human trafficking victims.”-Gaye
“I am having a program next week called let’s get real. It’s for women who are overcoming issues.”-Lynee

Look for more information on what they Creative Women of Color are up to on their website or their facebook page.

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