A Legend of Columbus: Mayor B. Coleman at 9th Annual Legends & Legacies

Group photo from 9th Annual Legends & Legacies Award  (Photo Credit: Terry Gillian)

The History Pythian Theatre was packed last Thursday night; people from all walks of life—the officials of city of Columbus, corporate representatives and community members—gathered at the hub of King Lincoln District to witness Mayor B. Coleman being honored as a legend of Columbus.

(Photo Credits: Terry Gillian)

Paying tribute to individuals who have influenced their community through their commitment to leadership and service, King Arts Complex 9th Annual Legends & Legacies Awards chose Mayor B. Coleman as the legend for 2015. It is indisputable that Mayor B. Coleman’s achievement in his 16 years’ tenure has benefited most of community members in Columbus: projects in downtown area have revitalized King Lincoln District, Near East Side and Franklinton; and recent community development of American Addition area increases the number of beneficiaries in Columbus.

As Columbus Museum of Art CEO Nanette Maciejunes referred in the Award Ceremony, “Showing up is the best support.” Mayor B. Coleman has been active in almost every community events, from museum receptions, tie tying ceremony to small business conference and Columbus Marathon. His efforts have left us a healthier community environment encouraging everyone to participate in making Columbus a better home for future generations.

Piano before the Award–Otis Davenport  (Photo Credit: Terry Gillian)

Opening Performance–Talia Gaston & LaNya Campbell  (Photo Credits: Terry Gillian)

The most interesting part of the Legends & Legacies Award last week is the reflections of Mayor B. Coleman from his friends, family and colleagues. Hosted by Ohio 3rd Congressional House District U.S. House of Representatives Joyce Beatty, the conversation revealed the true personalities of Mayor Coleman—a leader, a man who keeps his promise and a swagger.

(Photo Credits: Terry Gillian)

After King Arts Complex executive team presented the gifts to Mayor B. Coleman for his legacies to Columbus, Nanette made comments on his contributions in supporting the arts sector and presented the unfinished book by Aminah Robinson to Mayor B. Coleman as a gift. While everyone thought it is the time for our Mayor’s acceptance of the award, his family brought us a surprise—an improvised “Michael” based on “My Girl” by the Temptations. As the audience heard more interesting stories about Mayor Michael B. Coleman, the ceremony award reached its climax.

King Arts Complex executive team and Columbus Museum of Art CEO Nannette Maciejunes presented Gifts and Award (Photo Credits: Terry Gillian)

Mayor B. Coleman’s family perform “Michael” based on “My Girl” by the Temptations.  (Photo Credits: Terry Gillian)

The 9th Annual Legends & Legacies ended as everyone applauded for our beloved Mayor B, Coleman and sent him tons of “Thank you”s through videos, handshakes, and selfies with Mayor.

Mayor B. Coleman walking down the aisle to accept the honorary Legends & Legacies Award! (Photo Credit: Terry Gillian)

Photo with Janelle Simmons by the Legends & Legacies plaque. (Photo Credit: Terry Gillian)

Lovely photo with a kid by the Legends & Legacies plaque. (Photo Credit: Terry Gillian)

Everybody in the theater wanted to share the happiness and honor with Mayor B. Coleman! (Photo Credits: Terry Gillian)

The Award was then followed by a reception at Barbara Nicholson Auditorium accompanied by Black Hold Band and an amazing art piece depicting Mayor B. Coleman and his legacies—the communities he helped to revitalize in the past 16 years.

Let the party BEGIN! (Photo Credits: Terry Gillian)

Thank you, Mayor B. Coleman, for making Columbus a better and competitive city in the nation! Your legacy will be passed on!

Photo with Coleman families and King Arts Complex CEO in the Green Room (Mayor B. Coleman Room). (Photo Credit: Terry Gillian)